Ariana Grande e Miley Cyrus: duetto in pigiama per la Happy Hippie Foundation

congrats to my friend @mileycyrus on the launch of @happyhippiefdn!!! you are an 👼 on earth. i can’t thank you enough for doing something so important and for having me be part of something so special. thank you for using your voice in such an incredibly positive and heathy way. here’s to helping so many sweet babes in need. for more information follow @happyhippiefdn 🌙 if you believe in fighting injustice / limiting labeling, assumptions, judgement, challenging stereotypes, encouraging our fellow human beings to feel safe in their skin, and helping homeless youth. this work of yours is so incredibly important!!!! i love, appreciate and celebrate you. 💞💞💕💘💕💓💞💕💘💞💞💓

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